Inventing the Future (revised and updated edition)

Inventing the Future (revised and updated edition)

Nick Srnicek & Alex Williams

Book 1 of @Gouv_algo

Publisher: Verso Books

Language: English

Published: Oct 25, 2016

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" Neoliberalism isn’t working. Austerity is forcing millions into poverty and many more into precarious work, while the left remains trapped in stagnant political practices that offer no respite.

Inventing the Future is a bold new manifesto for life after capitalism. Against the confused understanding of our high-tech world by both the right and the left, this book claims that the emancipatory and future-oriented possibilities of our society can be reclaimed. Instead of running from a complex future, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams demand a postcapitalist economy capable of advancing standards, liberating humanity from work and developing technologies that expand our freedoms.

This new edition includes a new chapter where they respond to their various critics. "

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